Terrifier 2(2022) Parents Guide

Terrifier 2

Terrifier 2(2022) Parents Guide

You’ve arrived to the right place if you’re wondering if “Terrifier 2” is suitable for your child. You can decide the appropriate age range for the movie by reading the complete article, which will enable you to understand fully the parent guide.


Terrifier 2 is a slasher film set for release in 2022. In 2022, the slasher movie Terrifier 2 will be released. It is the follow-up to Terrifier (2016) and stars Samantha Scaffidi as Victoria Heyes and David Howard Thornton as Art the Clown.

Lauren LaVera, Elliott Fullam, Sarah Voigt, Kailey Hyman, and Casey Hartnett are among the actors who appear in Damien Leone’s film, which he also wrote, directed, edited, and produced. A year after the events of the first movie, the plot centres on Art’s resurrection and his pursuit of Sienna Shaw and her younger brother Jonathan on Halloween night.

Official Trailer of Movie

Movie Name – Terrifier 2

Directed by – Damien Leone

Written by Damien Leone

StarringLauren LaVera, Elliott Fullam

Release dateAugust 29, 2022

CountryUnited States


Tips for Parents Guides | Terrifier 2 Age Rating

  • Always try to look what kind movies/ web series is watching your children.
  • As parent you should check the movie/ web series review or overall summary .
  • If the movie is not suitable, explain that to your children why it’s not. Don’t just tell them not to watch.
  • Try to watch movie with them, then they will be more conformable with you.
  • Make a schedule, how much then can watch movie/web series .
  • As parent always try to understand your children.

How long is the movie Terrifier 2

The runtime for the Terrifier 2 2 hour and 18 minutes

Summary of the Terrifier 2

After the Miles County Massacre, Art the Clown is brought back to life by an unidentified force, and he then brutally murders the coroner who is examining his body with a hammer. He visits a laundromat to have his bloody clothes washed when he runs into The Little Pale Girl, an evil spirit that appears to no one but Art as a clown. Before Art is killed, a lone patron observes him chatting with the girl.

Jonathan observes The Little Pale Girl and Art playing with a dead opossum at school on Halloween. While talking with her friends Allie and Brooke about Victoria Heyes’s outburst and the mutilation of talk show host Monica Brown, Sienna had a panic attack.

To purchase new wings, Sienna and Allie visit a costume store where they run into Art. Art murders the shopkeeper before going into Allie’s house and horrifyingly mutilating her to death. He does this by slashing her eye out, scalping her, flailing her back, breaking one arm and pulling off the other, rubbing bleach and salt on her wounds, and ripping off half of her face. When she sees her daughter’s body, Allie’s mother also dies.

A lot of violent, gory killings are depicted in the horror movie Terrifier 2 , with characters being beaten, hanged, shot, run over by cars, and burned to death. One clip is particularly upsetting since it features a character who has their jaw broken and tongue removed.

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