LUCKIEST GIRL ALIVE(2022) Parents Guide

luckiest girl alive


If you want to know whether “LUCKIEST GIRL ALIVE” is suitable for your child or not, then you have come to the right place. By reading the full article, you will get to know the full details of the LUCKIEST GIRL ALIVE parent guide. It will undoubtedly assist you in determining the age rating of “LUCKIEST GIRL ALIVE .”


The Movie has been rated R by the MPAA for its depiction of violence, sexual content, and language. It features numerous incidents of women being physically and/or emotionally abused, as well as scenes of gaslighting, suicide, electroshock therapy, and murder.

Official Trailer of Movie

Movie Name – Luckiest Girl Alive

Directed by – Mike Barker

Written by Jessica Knoll

StarringMila Kunis

Release dateSeptember 30, 2022

CountryUnited States


Tips for Parents Guides | Luckiest Girl Alive Age Rating

  • Always try to look what kind movies/ web series is watching your children.
  • As parent you should check the movie/ web series review or overall summary .
  • If the movie is not suitable, explain that to your children why it’s not. Don’t just tell them not to watch.
  • Try to watch movie with them, then they will be more conformable with you.
  • Make a schedule, how much then can watch movie/web series .
  • As parent always try to understand your children.

How long is the movie Luckiest Girl Alive

The runtime for the Luckiest Girl Alive 1 hour and 53 minutes

Summary of the Luckiest Girl Alive

The movie “Luckiest Girl Alive” is aimed primarily at adults and deals with rape and gun violence. Ani Fanelli, the main character, is a senior magazine editor who is engaged to a wealthy guy and preparing for her wedding.

Ani’s secret past, starts to interfere with her when a documentary filmmaker contacts her about a school shooting she experienced in the past. The MPAA has given the movie “Luckiest Girl Alive” a R rating because it depicts sexual content, violence, strong language, rape and teen drug use.

According to Thepaulnews, the movie contains more than 50 instances of foul language, including the use of the F-word, a scene of rape involving several teenage guys and a teenage girl, partial nudity, and sequences of shootings at schools in which teens are shot and one is stabbed. Strong language, violence, and sexual content are all mentioned in the movie.

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