Don’t Look Up(2021) Parents Guide

Don't Look Up

Don’t Look Up Parents Guide

If you want to know whether “Don’t Look Up” is suitable for your child or not, then you have come to the right place. By reading the full article, you will get to know the full details of the parent guide. It will undoubtedly assist you in determining the age rating of “Don’t Look Up.”


The movie is a satirical comedy film directed by Adam McKay and released in 2021. The film follows two low-level astronomers who are tasked with going on a media tour to warn mankind of an approaching asteroid that will destroy Earth. The film stars Jennifer Lawrence, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill, and many other notable actors and actresses. The film received mixed reviews upon its release and is known for its clever commentary on current political and social issues.

Official Trailer of Movie

Movie Name – Don’t Look Up

Directed by – Adam McKay

Written byAdam McKay, David Sirota

StarringLeonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence

Release dateDecember 5, 2021

CountryUnited States


Tips for Parents Guides | Don’t Look Up Age Rating

  • Always try to look what kind movies/ web series is watching your children.
  • As parent you should check the movie/ web series review or overall summary .
  • If the movie is not suitable, explain that to your children why it’s not. Don’t just tell them not to watch.
  • Try to watch movie with them, then they will be more conformable with you.
  • Make a schedule, how much then can watch movie/web series .
  • As parent always try to understand your children.

How long is the movie Don’t Look Up

The runtime for the Don’t Look Up 2 hour and 18 minutes

Summary of the Don’t Look Up

The film is rated R due to frequent use of strong language, sexual themes, and occasional violence. Additionally, there are a number of sequences with sexual humour and allusions, as well as one violent scene involving an asteroid attack. It also does address some weighty issues, such as how the media affects public opinion and climate change.

It is advised that viewers aged 17 and up watch Don’t Look Up.

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