3 True Disturbing Horror Story (part 2)

Horror Story

Horror Story 1

Back in October of 2016, for whatever reason, these killer clown sightings kept getting reported around America.
Real or fake videos of them would almost always get posted somewhere online. For that whole month, it was all over the news.
I remember in our town specifically, it kind of got outta hand.

People in the area were committing real crimes, wearing clown masks or sometimes full body clown outfits. It was honestly terrifying. Anyway,
back when this was happening, I was in high school. Throughout that whole month, many of the staff and student school emails received threats.
They were always from a different random email address, so there was no real way of blocking.

It was always something like Killer Clown CVX dot Z y or something random. It usually had something to the effect of Killer Clown,
followed by some random characters.
It got so bad that the school had to send out a mass email to all students and parents saying they were aware of the threats and we’re taking them seriously.

I remember some days the teachers were instructed to teach with their classroom doors locked. We weren’t even allowed to leave to go to the.
Needless to say, a lot of us were on edge. I have no shame in saying it was really scary. I saw some of the things the emails were saying.
A lot of it was really graphic and truly disturbing.

Of course, at the time,
none of us knew if anyone was really planning to act on these threats or if it was just someone somewhere behind a computer screen playing a sick joke.
But honestly, it felt like only a matter of time before something would go. And finally one day something would, I was in my trigonometry class.

When the school’s lockdown alarm went off, our principal’s voice then came over the loud speaker.
His voice was shaky. Now our principal was a pretty intimidating dude, so hearing fear in his voice only furthered my own fear.
I knew this lockdown had to be related to the threats in that classroom. There wasn’t really a good corner for all of us to hide in.

You could see a good portion of the room from outside the door.
So our teacher ordered us to barricade the door with all the desks and chairs in the room. We then sat as far away from the door as we could,
although even this provided a clear view of the glass window on the door. I watched as all the lights abruptly turned off in the hallway shortly,
followed by the lights in the classroom.

The familiar hum of the heating system faded. The school had cut the. It was eerie.
The whole building was quiet and there wasn’t the usual whispering or joking around from other students like there was during practice drills for this kind of thing.
Even our teacher had a look of fear on his face, putting me more on edge.

We sat there for multiple minutes. We then heard a metal banging sound like someone was hitting the lockers down the hall. Voice started yelling.

One of the girls sitting next to me quietly began crying. The noises continued off and on for the next few minutes.
As time passed, the noises kept getting louder as whoever was making them seemingly kept getting closer. At this point,
my classmates and I were staring at each other, all of us gauging each other’s reactions and the sound of the classroom’s door handle, rattling.

I looked up, threw the glass on the door. I saw a clown mask looking in. A person stood there for a while, not doing anything, and.
And they abruptly ducked down out of view, and the sound of the door handle rattling continued. They were trying to pick the lock.
We all sat there listening to this happen.

When the lock disengaged immediately, the full body force of this person smashed into the door. The desk’s barricading, the door sling shifted back.
This happened a few more times, but not much progress was made. They eventually gave up and we could hear their footsteps running away down the hall.
When police arrived, they cleared the building and escorted all of us out.

No one was ever found responsible for the lockdown. It’s believed at least three people dressed in clown costumes entered the back entrance of the school that day.
Intent on making true to the threats sent over. At the time, the school did have some cameras, but during the lockdown they cut the power,
so they never caught anything.

School was canceled for the next few days. When we came back, the school had installed a new auto locking feature on the doors and windows.

Horror Story 2

I was in my second year of high school every year. Our school was required to perform at least two lockdown drills. But our principal at the time would always have us do more like three or four, so I was pretty used to it All. The teachers would always warn us ahead of time to save any panic that morning.

As I walked into my first period of class, I was informed by my history teacher that the school would be having a lockdown drill that day. I actually kind of liked them because it meant we’d have less work to do, considering the 20 or 25 minutes, they always take 30 minutes into class and a short buzzer went off, followed by our principal’s voice on the inter.

Like every other drill. He explained other school was going into lockdown, but that it was just a practice drill. He explained that should there ever be a real lockdown, the buzzer would sound for longer and there would be no intercom announcement. Our teacher instructed all of us to shut the curtains and go into the corner of the classroom that was not visible from the outside door.

He then shut off the lights and lock the. For the next few minutes, we sat in silence. Eventually we heard footsteps outside. It was the principal trying every classroom door to make sure they were locked and that the classes were responding to the lockdown correctly. Before I knew it, the drill was over The day progressed and I was now sitting in my physics class, which was right after lunch.

At some point I ducked out of the class to use the bathroom. Now our school building had a basement down there. They had a bathroom that was much more private and a lot less busy, so I would always try to use that one. There were a couple classrooms down there, so it didn’t look weird for me to go down there.

I was sitting in one of the back stalls. I was the only one in there, which was usually the case. All of a sudden, I heard the lockdown buzzers start going off from outside in the hall. It sounded for about a full minute before and abruptly stopped. I waited for the principal’s voice to come over the speaker and.

But it never did, which like I mentioned earlier, was supposed to signify a real lockdown. At first, I didn’t really think it was a real lockdown, though. It happened too close to the practice lockdown Earlier that morning, I thought it was just a second part to the drill, but as I sat there for a few more minutes, I started to realize that if that were the case, that probably would’ve been explained over the intercom.

I started to panic now thinking this was real. I wasn’t safe in the bathroom. The door had no lock, so I ran outside to try and find a classroom. There wasn’t much for options in that basement. It was also hard to see now that they turned the hall lights off. But I did eventually find a classroom door. I tried the handle.

It was locked. I looked in through the glass part of the door. In one of the corners, I could barely make out a kid hiding. There was a class inside. I banged on the door explaining that I was a student and trying to hide. I got no response. I was both terrified and frustrated at the same time. I realized protocol was to never let anyone inside no matter what.

I was on my own. I thought about going back to the bathroom, but found an empty computer lab first and settle ’em on that. I got under one of the back desks and. Second time that day sat in silence. Only this time for a real lockdown. 10 minutes went by, nothing, not even an update over the intercom. Then the hard dropping sound of running footsteps from outside coming down the basement stairs.

I could hear the person’s heavy breathing. I kept getting closer and now sounded like it was just outside the room. I started adjusting my body position to try and duck down more. There out of view. When a light turned on, it was the light to the computer on the desk above me waking up. I must have accidentally pulled the mouse cord.

It wasn’t that bright, but it was enough for me to make out a silhouette in the doorway to the room. I genuinely feared for my life. In that moment, the person was just standing there. I prayed they wouldn’t enter the room, and after what felt like an eternity, they turned and continued running down the hallway.

A few minutes later and the lockdown was over. The school tried to keep the incident silent, but it eventually got out. Apparently, a kid in my grade that I actually slightly knew stole his dad’s gun and got in the school through a back door. He left propped open earlier in the day. Police showed up to the school and detained him before any bullet.

Were shot. They later searched his backpack and found a paper with a list of names on it, which they believe was who he meant to kill that day. Pictures of the list itself leaked. My name was number four on that list. I never heard if the kid just got scared and decided not to do anything, or if he just genuinely didn’t find anybody after entering the building.

Either way, I believe the person that I saw while hiding in the computer lab was him and that I could have lost my life in that moment.

Horror Story 3

Craigslist is not something I would use often.
I mean less than once a year for sure, but sometimes it’s just the easiest way to sell something that would otherwise be impossible to sell quickly.
However, after this happened to me about three years ago, I never used Craigslist again.
I was 22 at the time and lived in a very small house with a roommate of mine for over a year before he moved out.

The lease ended in a few months anyways, and without a roommate to split the rent with. I could no longer afford the property.
Thus I had to move out as well. It wasn’t too hard to find an apartment, but it was way smaller than the house.
This meant that I pretty much needed to get rid of all of my furniture.

The couch was basically unused and my roommate and I bought it just over a year ago when he moved in.
So it would be a total waste to just put it on the side of the road for someone to pick up.
The thing was expensive and I could really use any extra money to help with the move. So of course I resorted to Craigslist.

This was my first time ever selling anything on the site as I was always the one to buy stuff I. I had never had any weird experiences,
aside from just the awkward feeling of being in someone else’s house and meeting a stranger, though, being the person selling this time,
I felt much more comfortable since I would be at my house anyway.

It took a bit over two weeks for someone who was seriously interested to reply to the ad and asked to come check it.
He ended up calling me to ask a few questions about it. Honestly,
it made me feel better since I assumed he was probably just trying to be safe and make sure I wasn’t some creep.
His name was David and he told me that he moved into a new house and needed some cheap furniture to fill the space.

I mentioned that I was in the exact opposite position, leaving my house for an apartment. He responded asking politely why I was leaving,
to which I told him that my roommate left, so I couldn’t really afford it. He sounded nice though, which I guess made me tell him more than I should have.
We set a time after we were both off of work on a Saturday evening around six o’clock.

When that time came around, I left the front door open and waited.
I sat on the couch for over an hour just waiting for the guy to show up before eventually shutting the front door and going to the kitchen to make some food,
assuming he just bailed on me. But then the doorbell rang only minutes. It was half past seven at this point, so I was obviously a little upset,
but I tried to fake a smile and open the door.

Hey, I’m David. He said as he held his hand out for a handshake. He was a tall, larger man with a very large grin on his face.
I shook his hand and invited him inside, showing him into the living. He looked at it for a second,
nodding his head in approval before I heard footsteps outside the front door, followed by it opening, and two more men walking inside.

Sorry. These are my buddies that are moving in with me. Hope you don’t mind. Oh, uh, yeah, that, that’s fine. I said nervously.
Knowing that there wasn’t much I could do about it, honestly, I was starting to get really uneasy though, and had a bad feeling in my gut.
I tried to not think about it, telling myself I was overthinking it, but my feelings would not suppress.

David walked to the other side of the couch and melt down a bit as if he was inspecting something. Then he stood back up,
what’s this over here? He said, pointing down at the side of the couch with the other two men standing behind.
I reluctantly walked over to where he was standing and looked down at the couch.

I don’t see anything. He pointed again as if he wanted me to get down and look. The two other men came closer standing in front of me while David was behind me.
Slowly I knelt down and looked at the side, still not seeing anything. I could feel all of them breathing over me, making me feel powerless and terrifi.

I am just messing with ya. There’s nothing there. David exclaimed giving me a hard pat on the back. As I stood up,
I let out a nervous chuckle and moved myself a few steps away.
I could see the other men had creepy smiles on their faces as they looked at David as if plotting something.
I tried my best to remain calm and think of a way out of this situation, but they were in my house.

I couldn’t just leave and I was too scared to ask them to leave. So do you like it? I asked trying to speed up this process.
David looked at his friends and then back at me. His happy, smiling expression had shifted.
There was a very odd moment of silence as I stared into David’s empty eyes, a calm before the storm.

One of the men tackled me to the ground, pinning me down aggressively. My instant reaction to resist was overpowered by his strength,
and I gave up quickly just hoping to not be any further harmed. David and the other man ran through the house,
looting it of everything valuable, creating chaos and mess in all of the rooms.

The man on top of me continued to hold me tightly, pushing my head into the hardwood and floor with all of his weight. After a few minutes,
David called out by the front door and the man got off of me and ran out of the house. I heard their truck pull out and speed.
As I laid on the ground in shock, pain and terror.

After a couple minutes, I gathered myself up and slowly stumbled to the front door to close and lock it. I called the cops soon after to no one’s surprise.
David wasn’t his real name, nor was the email or phone number attached to any identifiable person.
They collected some fingerprints around the house and took pictures of their shoe prints on the ground,
but the case ran cold with no suspects at all.

The only thing they were able to identify was that the shoe prints left at my house were the same as ones left at someone else’s house a few weeks ago.
During a similar attack and robbery, that person was also alone in their home. It’s suspected that they tried to find those who live alone.
So obviously I kind of fucked myself over by telling the man about my roommate who had left.

Either way, that experience has caused me a lot of stress and anger.
I was blinded by the feeling of safety being in my own home and was taken advantage of because of it.
Sites like Craigslist are dangerous and people need to be more aware of the dangers of willingly inviting, unknown seemingly innocent people into their homes.

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